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How You Can Use Ethanol Fireplace Insert

Posted by on 7/22/2014
ethanol fireplace insert

Whether you are a builder, interior designer, or just have a creative imagination, possibilities of having an open fire practically anywhere are endless with ethanol burner fireplace insert. Recessing a wall for an astonishing dancing flame has always been the most popular use for ethanol fireplace burner inserts. However, they can very easily be placed into a coffee table, or an already existing fireplace to convert to ethanol without any construction or major project work whatsoever. Existing fireplaces can also convert to a ethanol fireplace log grate.As ethanol fireplaces are completely ventless, all you need to convert your coffee table or fireplace into an ethanol fireplace is a simple ethanol fireplace insert.

Kristen Date 1/28/2016
Hello, I am an interior designer and I have a client who would like a coffee table with an ethanol fire pit or insert. Is this something you make? Can I see images and get pricing? Thanks, Kristen
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