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How You Can Use Ethanol Fireplace Insert

Posted by Allison B. on 7/22/2014
Recessing a wall for an astonishing dancing flame has always been the most popular use for ethanol fireplace burner inserts. However, they can very easily be placed into a coffee table, or an already existing fireplace to convert to ethanol without any construction

common types of ethanol fireplace logs

Posted by Allison B. on 7/21/2014
Gas, gel and ethanol fireplaces bring charm and ambiance to any seen from the virtue of the real flame effect independently. Yet a naked fire can always be accessorized with ceramic ethanol fireplace logs

bio ethanol fireplace insert requirements

Posted by Allison B. on 7/20/2014
Creating a fire in virtually every imaginable place has never been easier. A bio ethanol fireplace inserts offers flexibility to incorporate a fire indoors and out. Ethanol fireplaces are ventless and do not require a flue or chimney

ethanol fireplace btu

Posted by Allison B. on 7/19/2014
Even though ventless bio ethanol fireplaces were designed as decorative fireplaces, they produce a real flame which will give off a certain amount of BTU's. However, the output of BTU's and duration vary from the actual fireplace.