Traditionally, wood burning fireplaces have been the uttermost popular fireplaces in history. However, 36% of national home fires are caused by wood burning fireplaces due to an excessive amount of soot buildup and other expensive mandatory maintenance. Not to mention the after burn cleanup. How can something be pleasant and enjoyed when their is a full process or the way we see it as a job? First, purchasing or better yet splitting firewood for hours, then storing the awkward firewood where its not in the way, and getting dirty before lighting it to enjoy? We do not find anything romantic or delightful in wood burning fireplaces.

Moda Flame ethanol fireplaces have created a perfect solution to address all the issues in safety, mess, as well as eco-friendly!

Invigorate your current fireplace, indoor and out with ethanol fireplace burner inserts. Ethanol burners are virtually maintenance free, ventless and we always keep our environment in mind by saving trees.

Installation of ethanol burners?

As simple as placing the ethanol burner insert into a current fireplace, decorating with fireplace accessories such as a set of ceramic fireplace logs or ceramic fireplace pebble set. However,the accessories are optional but recommended for true prominence. The other more glorifying solution is to close the fireplace flue and build the ethanol burner insert into the fireplace for permanent use for a stylish look. By having a built in ethanol fireplace insert into the fireplace mantel will add a touch of glamorous real fire of dancing flames out of the bare ground for a clean contemporary fireplace appearance.

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