Comparing bio ethanol fireplace gel fuel and wood burning; ethanol fireplace fuel is the cleanest burning source. Also known as denatured alcohol (Ethyl alcohol), this renewable energy source is fermented from sugar (starch and cellulose) found in plants such as sugar cane, corn, grain, wheat, and other feedstock. The by-product of ethanol burning are heat, trace level of CO2, and water vapor. Ethanol in it’s purest form is pure alcohol. Denatured simply means that additives are applied to make ethanol unfit for human consumption.

Due to ethanol’s clean burning nature, our fireplaces do not require chimney or flue, making it a very versatile application to any type of space. It’s eco quality also means low maintenance.

Please use only top grade ethanol fireplace fuel formulated specifically for bio-ethanol fireplaces. You can find bioethanol under various brand names and available for purchase in hearth/fireplace retail stores. Ordering online is another simple way to buy your fuel. We offer the best grade of Moda Flame ethanol fireplaces and ethanol fireplace fuel as each is tested for quality, safely, duration and value.

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